> NEWS > FOTON TUNLAND G7 has won 400 orders in Italy.
FOTON TUNLAND G7 has won 400 orders in Italy.

Just in March, an order for 200 TUNLAND G7 pickup trucks was delivered to Italy, which is already the second order in 2024, with a cumulative delivery of 400 units.

As one of the core markets in the world, the European market has always been a must-contend place for Chinese automobile enterprises to go overseas. However, the internationally recognised EU WVTA certification system, which is the most valuable and strict, has become the threshold for many enterprises to enter the market. In order to layout the European market as soon as possible, FOTON Motor insists on technology and product innovation, accelerates ecological and energy transformation and upgrading, FOTON electric light trucks, electric VAN and other new energy products have taken the lead in passing the EU WVTA certification, and now FOTON pickup trucks have also successfully passed the certification to enter the Italian market formally. Just in March, an order for 200 TUNLAND G7 pickup trucks was delivered to Italy, which is already the second order in 2024, with a cumulative delivery of 400 units.

Before obtaining the European market pass, TUNLAND G7 has gone through 2 years of territorial road test, and through continuous transformation and upgrading of the product, it has successfully completed a number of test projects in safety, performance, environmental protection, collision, etc. of the EU WVTA certification, which signifies that all technologies of FOTON pickup trucks have reached the world's leading level.

TUNLAND G7 is an intelligent pickup truck that meets the needs of users' life and off-road driving scenarios, supported by FOTON's Super Power Chain and a collection of global leading technological resources. TUNLAND G7 is equipped with AUCAN diesel engine developed in cooperation with Ricardo, matched with ZF 8AT/6MT transmission, with maximum power of 162hp and peak torque of 388Nm, combining high performance and low fuel consumption; equipped with Bosch injection system to ensure the emission is in line with Euro 6E standard; equipped with BorgWarner 4WD system, it provides four driving modes: 2H/AUTO/4H/4L, which easily meets the needs of multi-scenario vehicles; equipped with 6 airbags, pre-tensioned seat belts, Bosch ESP and advanced driver assistance system, intelligently guarding user safety; meanwhile, the heated ergonomic seats, 10.25inch HD multifunctional touch screen and other sedan-grade interiors ensure a comfortable driving experience for users.

After launching in Italy, TUNLAND G7 quickly opened up sales with high-end quality, hardcore performance and safety protection, won the praise of end customers, gained the trust and recognition of Italian head dealers, and added a second order of 200 pickups only 90 days after the first 200 orders.

Since the strategic deployment in 2021, FOTON has built more than 70 sales terminals and service stations in Italy, covering the whole territory of Italy, and set up Flying Doctors, no matter where the customers are, professional technical engineers will arrive at the place at the first time to solve the customer's problems. FOTON has won the trust and recognition of end-users in the market with its cross-border technical support that arrives at the scene in 3 hours at the earliest, 100% punctual and efficient delivery rate, and multi-dimensional after-market services.

In recent years, FOTON has been actively laying out the European market, and all commercial vehicle products, especially new energy products, have entered the European high-end market one after another. In the future, FOTON will continue to break through Europe and other developed markets, drive by green and science and technology, continuously improve international competitiveness, upgrade products and service capabilities, and provide more efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions for global users.