Super Power Train
We have established long-term partnerships with world-class enterprises around the globe, and together we promote the continuous upgrading and improvement of the entire supply chain. In the fields of core components such as engines and transmissions, FOTON has formed joint ventures with Cummins, ZF and other leading international component suppliers, jointly creating high-performance engines and transmissions. While providing our customers with the best solutions, we have also achieved international leadership in technology innovation and production manufacturing.
Inherited the original Technology and Quality of World's Leading Engine Manufacturing.
Foton Cummins: A Decade of Power and Partnership
Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (BFCEC) was established in 2008 as a joint venture between FOTON and CUMMINS with a 50:50 equity ratio. With a total investment of over 4.9 billion RMB and an annual capacity of 520,000 units, the company produces light, medium and heavy-duty diesel engines. With a displacement range of 2.5 to 15 liters, Foton Cummins products serve more than 100 countries worldwide and have over 2.3 million customers. In terms of terminal sales, Foton Cummins accounts for about 50% of Cummins’ total sales in the Chinese market.
Original Manufacturing Quality
Foton Cummins is a multinational company that can independently develop the five key systems of diesel engines, namely air handling system, filtration and aftertreatment system, fuel system, electronic control system and in-cylinder combustion optimization design. It can provide customers with comprehensive “one-stop” emission solutions. The factory production line includes cylinder block andhead machining line, assembly line, test line, painting line and attachment line. The manufacturing quality system strictly follows Cummins global quality standards, implements Cummins Six Sigma product quality improvement, and the factory operation strictly follows Cummins Operating System (COS). It has passed TS16949 /ISO45001 /ISO14001 /ISO50001 certification and is committed to providing high-quality power products to global customers.
Since interconnected with each other in 2017, genes of light, strong and intelligent from ZF has been infused into Foton ZF joint ventures and products. Based in China, transforming the world.
The long cooperation between FOTON and ZF has started since 2008. Both parties have been continually seeking opportunities to further deepen cooperation in terms of transmission system technology. With mutual recognition of excellent market potential for automated commercial vehicles, at the end of 2016, FOTON and ZF established two joint ventures in China, which are known as ZF Foton HCV Automated Transmissions (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. and Foton ZF LCV Automated Transmissions (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.
The joint venture has made automatic transmission a core strategy and has launched a full range of automatic transmission products. The heavy-duty automatic transmission, namely ZF’s second-generation TraXon AMT gearbox, is about to be mass-produced by FOTON & ZF joint venture company, further improving fuel economy and driving comfort.
FOTON has taken commercial automation and digitalization as a central position in corporate strategy, aiming to making fleet management for trucks more efficient than ever before, and leading forward to the commercial vehicle mobility and intelligence.
The two parties work together in Beijing, China, have been designing, manufacturing and selling trucks under FOTON AUMAN brand since 2012. Foton ZF joint ventures and products. Based in China, transforming the world.
On February 18th, 2012, Foton Motor established the joint venture of Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd.(BFDA) with Daimler AG, the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. Foton Daimler Automotive(BFDA) operates under single brand FOTON AUMAN medium and heavy-duty trucks, engaging in AUMAN designing, manufacturing and distribution around the world. Since the first AUMAN produced by BFDA rolled off the production line, a total of 1,000,000+ units have been produced and sold.
BFDA has the full life cycle development and operation capabilities of heavy trucks, including research and development, verification, production, manufacturing, sales, and service. BFDA’s global digital super truck factory adopts the European truck manufacturing standards and the German lean manufacturing system TOS+. Following the concept of “zero emission, contactless, automation”, it upgrades and introduces automation, digitalization, and intelligence technologies to create a world-class modern factory and automated production line. It has four major processes: stamping, welding, painting, and assembly. The automation level of the production line is over 60%.
AUMAN integrates Foton Cummins engines, Foton ZF TraXon with FOTON axles, creating a highly integrated and technologically advanced powertrain integration SuperPowerTrain. It achieves a holistic integration and coordination of software and hardware, making the logistics transportation equipment more fuel-efficient, more efficient, and more competitive. The engineering vehicles are more reliable, more productive, and more profitable.
AUMAN has connects to the IOV system of SuperFleet, which based on GPS and BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System), to provide services such as vehicle positioning, vehicle tracking, trajectory playback, etc., and to keep track of vehicle dynamics. It enables remote control of vehicle locking, vehicle start-up, temperature setting, etc. through smart devices, achieving remote operation of vehicles. It comprehensively monitors the real-time usage, vehicle diagnosis, tracking evaluation, vehicle maintenance, refueling records, service provider inquiry, service dispatching, customer service hotline, etc., providing intimate service and worry-free maintenance. It analyzes the driving behaviors such as speeding, engine over-revving, sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration, coasting in neutral, etc., effectively reducing the risk of failure and ensuring more reliable and safe protection.
As a leading global player in the new energy battery industry, CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.) serves as the strategic partner and supplier of new energy power batteries for FOTON. Over the years, the two parties have maintained a long-standing collaboration, working together to develop new products in response to market demands.
Recognizing the shared consensus on the need for automation and intelligence in the logistics industry amid the global trend toward 'carbon neutrality,' FOTON and CATL jointly established joint venture in 2022, with each party holding a 50% stake. The company will focus on conducting business operations related to new energy battery leasing services. It encompasses innovative business models such as battery swapping partnerships and electric vehicle (EV) battery separation. The primary objective is to accelerate the intelligent development of the new energy sector and create a 'green, intelligent, and interconnected' logistics ecosystem.