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With 25 years of dedication in the field of commercial vehicles, its global sales volume has exceeded 10 million in 2021, making it the world's shortest time-consuming commercial vehicle company exceeding 10 million. Under the "blessing" of the joint venture, the world's most promising commercial vehicle company deserves its name. Its commercial vehicle products cover the demand for commercial vehicles in all scenarios, such as trunk and branch logistics, urban logistics, cold chain, industrial and mining, urban construction, passenger transportation, and freight transportation. Each sub-scenario has “capable” product representatives.


Every AUMAN has German genes. The whole vehicle is developed and manufactured by Foton-Daimler Automotive Joint Venture. The AUMAN EST series is mainly a core model for medium and long-distance logistics. In order to solve the increasingly prominent pain points of efficiency and comfort, AUMAN EST-A automatic transmission is launched. It is equipped with electronically controlled air suspension, matching Cummins ISG engine + ZF TraXon intelligent Gearbox and other super power chains, with up to 2000bar ultra-high pressure injection system and high-efficiency turbocharger, can provide 580 horsepower and 2600N m torque. From agricultural product transportation to animal husbandry transportation, from cold chain transportation to hazardous chemicals transportation, from vehicle transportation to container transportation, AUMAN EST-A products are suitable for intercity/provincial/international mid-to-long-distance logistics transportation in all scenarios. This is one of the core essences of the "money machine".


As a mid-to-high-end urban logistics light truck brand of Foton Motors, AUMARK S has passed the rigorous evaluation of DEKRA, an authoritative testing and certification agency in Germany, and is supervised by the European professional commercial vehicle media "Tracker". In terms of safety, it meets the requirements of ECE R29 European collision regulations and ECE R46 04 vision regulations, and various NVH indicators meet the new European regulations of ECE R51-03. Aiming at industry segments such as urban logistics and transportation, we have launched "Cold Chain Star", "City Distribution Star" and "Logistics Star" customized products, which require high vehicle loading rate and high operational value to build a value-leading transportation industry. After several years of global market verification, the products have been applied to various industries such as logistics express, cold chain transportation, etc., and have successfully "settled" in the Southeast Asian logistics giant J&T Express fleet, the Philippine Red Cross and local vaccine cold chain transportation fleet, GoGoXpress e-commerce logistics fleet, etc.


As a mid-VAN product of Foton Motors with a classic "international face", the core of VIEW CS2 is equipped with the Cummins ISF 2.8-liter engine produced by Foton Cummins, which also leaves enough power space for the product's larger space design and higher bearing capacity. VIEW CS2 aims at the light transportation market, matching the two core needs of passenger and cargo transportation, and has become the choice of many international e-commerce logistics and express delivery giants through the combination of multi-size, large-space and multi-functional seats, including the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. LAZADA's logistics express LEL and international express brand DHL, etc. In addition, with the develop ability in power, space and multi-function, the product can be flexibly modified into cold chain, ambulance, school bus, etc. for multi-scenario purposes.


The front suspension of the new generation of TUNLAND G7 adopts the double wishbone structure independent suspension used in cars, which can ensure the precise pointing response and handling of the vehicle. The rear suspension adopts leaf spring non-independent suspension, which has been widely used in trucks and hard drives. Off-road vehicles not only have the good bearing capacity of truck products, but also have a complex and moderate suspension structure, which lays a solid foundation for the large space of the vehicle cab and cargo box, and has both sports and sedan comfort. TUNLAND G7 is equipped with sedan-like interiors and mainstream safety configurations, including 6 airbags, LCA, FCW, BSD, ESP, ABS, etc., with a full sense of active and passive safety. Stylish, streamlined design and car-level comfort are not only suitable for family travel and travel, but also meet the needs of various working conditions such as freight operations, engineering services, mining vehicles, and rural operations.


FOTON TRUCK MATE is specially designed for the "last mile" in urban and rural areas. It has an "urban face" design, and there will never be a sense of disobedience when traveling in the city. Driving on the small roads in towns and villages will give you a sense of sophistication. In terms of functional design, the product highlights multi-function, comfort and practicability, and meets all the needs of urban and rural entrepreneurs for car use. In order to meet the needs of cargo loading and return to the attributes of transportation tools, the product adopts high-load leaf springs and a reinforced rear axle to enhance the load-bearing performance, and the rear twin tires are used. It is designed to undertake the transportation, improve the transportation stability, and can achieve the maximum 3.5T full load and efficient transportation. With the extremely high liquidity of the products, entrepreneurs are no longer stuck in fixed places, so they can stop and make money at any time.


Foton is at the forefront of new energy commercial vehicles in China. It independently develops and masters the core technologies of "three electrics", and realizes the development of new energy technologies such as pure electric and hydrogen fuel. The new energy products cover medium and heavy trucks, light trucks, VAN, and micro trucks. , passenger car products, customized to meet international technical requirements. Pure electric bus products alone have successfully entered India, Egypt, Chile, Malta, New Zealand, Australia and other countries in core operation routes and scenarios such as bus systems, school fleets and airport connections, with mature and reliable international operation experience. In China, Foton Bus serves the world's largest public transport group - China Beijing Public Transport Group.



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