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Ready for Roaring! FOTON Team v.s. Caminos Del Inca2022 Peru


The 50th Caminos del Inca Rally is about to kick off, and the Tracusa Racing team, led by Jorge Martinez, André Martinez and Tino Garrido, will take part in this Friday 23rd in Canta, passing Huancayo, Ayacucho, Cu Sco, Puno, Arequipa and culminates on November 1 in the historic Plaza de Armas in Cusco.


The team, which won the championship in the TIN Group South American Rally held in Huancayo last September, already has rich experience in domestic and world motorsport, and has been equipped with special cars designed to win this event. This time a total of 3 cars participating in the race.

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The first racing car was driven by Jorge Martinez and experienced co-driver Julio Echazú, in the TIN category. "We have prepared a lot, we are a three-car team and we are very happy that the race is going to start. We also have the RMC racing team from Spain who will be joining our team. It will be a lot of fun 140 registered cars, a record for the 50th Caminos del Inca".

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The second car was a Ford Fiesta N5 model driven by Andre Martinez of Motorsport Peru and supported by TIN class Juan Pablo "Pinky" Cilloniz. "For me, it's the first time I've raced in a race as long as the Caminos del Inca, over 8 days of 200 kilometers, it's not like any race I've ever raced before, but I'm very excited, it's the most important thing in Peru race, so we will be at our best with Tracusa Racing in this important race.”

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The third vehicle is a 4×4 pickup of the best-selling Chinese brand Foton Tunland S in Peru, driven by Tino Garrido and Percy Salcedo, powered by a Cummins engine and in the CAM category. “This is my first time joining a big team like Tracusa Racing, we have 7 wreckers, 2 trucks, 1 trailer, 24 mechanics, so logistical support like this is a luxury. We are the first Arrived in batches, it was my first time driving the truck, it was well prepared, the suspension was installed by Nicolas Fuchs for the Barattero, it was well equipped".

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The Tracusa team has already achieved several achievements at the national and international level, such as the best overall result in the Caminos del Inca National Grand Prix in the final races of the Argentine Championship, the most important race on the Peruvian calendar, as well as the 2013 Rally, the 2014 Mexico World Rally Championship, etc.

Jorge Martinez's goal is not just to race, but to win and win the 50th Cup with the great team he built with the hope of putting on the best performance at the Caminos del Inca. good show.


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