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Philippines’ 1st Electric Light Truck Unveiled&MILER Truck Debut



On 10th February, FOTON BIG SHOW 2023 with the theme of “Commerce and Mobility Synergized” was grandly opened at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Philippines. Honorable Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, Chinese Embassy Minister Counselor Hon. Yang Guoliang, coming at the opening ceremony on 10th Feb.


At the opening ceremony, FOTON unveiled the eAUMARK, the country’s first electric light-duty truck with the aim of providing electrified transportation solutions for Filipino customers. FOTON has just become the first brand in the country to launch an electric truck for customers. the new EV is powered by the 81 kWh dual LiFePO4 battery packs on both flanks of the chassis and benefits from a 540V architecture, with a peak torque of 1,000 Nm. It can go as fast as 90 km/h. At the booth, DB Schenker purchased one electric light duty truck to build its zero-emission Truck Fleet. As a 150-year-old world leader in logistics service and supply chain management, trusts FOTON.

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At the opening ceremony, FOTON MILER was officially launched. As a new generation of FOTON lightweight truck, MILER is aimed at medium and high-end urban logistics transportation, and aiming to provide users with high-quality, high-efficiency and flexible urban transportation solutions. The product meets the requirements of ECE-R29, the most stringent commercial vehicle cab regulation in the world. With flexibility, high attendance and high quality, the minimum turning radius is 5.1m, and the vehicle height is only 2.065m, realizing Convenient driving, parking and turnaround in urban. The power system matches with FOTON ZF transmission system, with decisive acceleration, surging power and smooth shifting. The hydraulic shock absorbing seat can effectively relieve the fatigue of long-distance driving. Long-distance driving fatigue, while equipped with a 9-inch multimedia screen, LCD instrument panel, reverse camera and other electronic equipment, comfort and other aspects redefine the small card, covering delivery, moving, building materials, seafood, fruits and vegetables, cold chain and other car scenarios.

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As one of the highlights of the show, a number of FOTON VANs owners from the Foton Traveller Owners Club, which was established by the users themselves, came to FOTON booth, heating to the FOTON BIG SHOW. owners’ trust and passion for the brand. As the return, FOTON released the exclusive privileges for VAN club users, including genuine engine oil, parts discount and etc.


Product Capability is the foundation for good reputation, and efficient service is the credo for the longevity of the brand. With the FOTON BIG SHOW platform, FOTON has introduced electric commercial vehicles to the Philippines and is driving customer value with a dual line of fuel-efficient + electrified products and service solutions that exceed expectations.


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