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Overseas News | Small Size and High Loading Capacity! “The Chosen One” FOTON TM Officially Released to Paraguay


Recently, a row of white mini-trucks fully loaded with goods was parading on different roads of Asuncion, the Capital of Paraguay. This was the final test of FOTON TM mini-truck product held by Mercotec SAE, one Paraguay’s auto parts and third-party service provider, which was aimed at inspecting the performances of product under high load condition on different roads.



As a leading auto parts sales and service company in Paraguay’s auto sales market, Mercotec SAE was the first time to enter the vehicle sector. Partnering with FOTON and choosing TM mini-truck product was aimed at exploring the Paraguay’s mini-truck market.

As a matter of fact, Mercotec SAE made official contact with Foton via Foton’s global official website (foton-global.com) in this March. After locking the TM product, mainly for the small body and high loading capacity characteristics of TM, Mercotec SAE rapidly signed the first batch order in this April, including TM1 (2600 wheelbase) and TM2 (2850 wheelbase) product series.

After passing the multiple index tests, including maneuverability, NVH, and loading capacity, FOTON TM gained the consistent praise from Mercotec SAE and testing engineers. Especially in terms of loading capacity, FOTON TM showed stable performances under 2.5t payload condition or even more stringent load condition.

This test further enhanced Mercotec SAE’s confidence for introduction of FOTON TM. Prior to the official product release to the market, Mercotec SAE placed another order for 8 vehicles and meanwhile added the order demand for single-wheel products, in order to meet diversified market segment needs.

Subsequently, Mercotec SAE will initiate in succession the product release and customer visit and test drive activities centering on the TM product to benefit the local consumers with excellent product performances and service experiences.




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