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1Loving Donation Once Again Helps Burmese Anti-Pandemic Campaign


Recently, Burma suffered from the second round of epidemic. Since the emergence in Rakhine State on August 16, the pandemic spread rapidly towards the nationwide, including Rangoon. According to the pandemic data released by Burmese Ministry of Health and Sports on September 27, the accumulative number of confirmed patients hit 10,734 cases.
Confronted with increasingly severe pandemic in Burma, Foton partnered with IME, the Foton’s Burmese dealer, to extend help against the anti-pandemic campaign once again. On September 24, Foton donated 6,000,000 Kyat and 3 FOTON light-duty trucks to the Rangoon Public Health Bureau.
Previously, Foton has voluntarily donated 2 negative pressure ambulances to Burma for the emergency medical transfer and rescue of patients during the epidemic, which filled the blank of no negative pressure ambulance in Burma.
The 6,000,000 Kyat donated this time will be used for manufacturing the throat swab transport vehicles of IME Foundation (The throat swab collection is presently the main inspection method for virus nucleic acid.) and 3 light-duty trucks will be used for whole-course COVID-19 virus prevention and control.
The pandemic can take away the liveliness from the streets, but can’t take away the endless love and strength. China and Burma are linked by rivers and mountains and have closer people-to-people ties. It’s expected that we will surely win this anti-pandemic fight through our joint efforts.



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