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Foton U9 Buses Help Gambian Bus Operators Cut Their Costs and Improve Their Profitability


Recently, a batch of Foton U9 buses were delivered to their operators in Gambia for operation. As the first batch of Foton buses working in Gambia, they will be driven between Banjul, the capital of Gambia, and Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Since their operation, they have been providing more convenient and more comfortable transportation services for local passengers.

foton bus in Gambia

Before the arrival of Foton U9 buses, the passenger transportation route between Banjul and Dakar suffers a severe lack of buses. Moreover, those in operation were already in poor conditions. Considering the local operation conditions, Foton has rolled out U9 bus with a number of customized features to suit the growing needs for intercity transportation services. On Foton U9 bus, the conductor has a special enclosed area. In addition, it has luggage racks for passengers to store their belongings.



Thanks to its D8NW technology, a two-layered insulation wall, Foton U9 has lowered its noise level to 68db(A) when it is driving at a speed of 100km/h and thus creates a more comfortable traveling environment for passengers. Equipped with i-POWER, Foton U9 bus has further cut its weight. Apart from delivering impressively powerful performances, it achieves higher energy efficiency. Having gone through cathodic electrophoresis treatment, Foton U9 bus is highly resistant to corrosion and can stay corrosion-free for at least ten years. Having been working smoothly since their arrival, Foton U9 buses help local bus operators further cut their operation costs and improve their profitability.



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