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FOTON Southern Europe’s first batch of EV trucks have landed


On March 20, 2023, 20 units of FOTON 6T electric light truck eAUMARK arrived in Italy, which is the first delivery of pure electric light trucks in Southern Europe market, marking an important step for FOTON in Southern Europe market.

eAUMARK fully meets European standards in terms of safety, stability and environmental protection, which has passed the WVTA EU vehicle type certification, which is one of the most internationally recognized "gold" certification systems and is accepted in the whole EU. Similarly, the related electric VAN products have also been certified and will be fully launched in the European market.

Within only one year from the product testing to delivery, FOTON is seizing the European market by the leading strength of new energy, behind that FOTON assembly plants and sales network are gradually being improved in Europe. The advantages of FOTON new energy industrial chain will expand to more Europen markets, including Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain and etc.




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