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Foton Partners with LAZADA to Jointly Forge New Industry Cooperation Benchmark in Southeast Asian


Developing market major customers, boosting long-efficiency business development, and innovating operation mode. Foton partnered with LAZADA, the largest E-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, to help LAZADA (Malaysia) improve the B2C offline logistics "Last 1km" layout, offer the customized financing and after-sales solutions, integrate with financing guarantee plan of LAZADA logistics drivers, and become an effective helper for overseas development of E-commerce logistics mode.

LAZADA became the regional flagship of Alibaba Group in 2016 and presently its business has covered 6 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam). As LAZADA's offline logistics transport sector, LEL (LAZADA eLogistics) is aimed at realizing the high-efficiency commodity delivery to end customers by establishing and managing the international logistics network. It’s aimed at gaining 300,000,000 customers and finally realizing the seamless connection with ASEAN countries by 2030.

As a matter of fact, Foton started cooperation with LAZADA (Malaysia) in this January and held joint roadshows in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor Bahru. However, due to the influence of the epidemic, the MOU for first batch of 152 vehicles was delayed and was officially signed in May. These vehicles will be delivered to the LAZADA logistics drivers in succession in the subsequent activities.

Foton partnered with LAZADA to offer the financing and worry-free service plan to fundamentally solve the purchase and after-sales worries of logistics drivers. On one hand, in response to the drivers’ worry of repayment pressure, LAZADA made commitment and signed 3~5-year labor contract. On the other hand, Foton offered customized worry-free services, including purchase loan, services, and repairs. These combined measures not only provide powerful guarantee for the drivers’ purchase and use of vehicles, but also create job opportunities for the society, implement into the resource supporting end, and guarantee the long-acting promotion and creation of social benefits.



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