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Foton Motor Delivers Auman AMT Trucks to Mexico’s Biggest Logistics Company


Recently, 20 units of Foton Auman EST-A heavy-duty trucks were ordered as TMS’s first batch of fleet by TMS, Mexico’s biggest logistics company, after a testing drive because of the competitive lead time, capability of fuel saving, high efficient service response.
Equipped with an automatic transmission gearbox, Foton Auman EST-A truck can cut its fuel consumption by 10% compared with its counterparts. In addition, Foton Motor has further cut down its delivery time by three months.
So far, Foton Motor has already established well-connected after-sales service network in Mexico. For the moment, it boasts 19 secondary service centers, ten vehicle service centers and 84 Cummins service centers. In addition to all this, Foton Motor has its own warehouses for spare parts in 25 cities across Mexico, making sure that the spare parts can be stocked and delivered to their customer’s hands within 24 hours.



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