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Foton Electric City Bus Starts Operation in New Zealand


On April 13, Foton electric city bus officially started operation in Auckland, New Zealand. It is also the first electric city bus working in south Auckland. In full compliance with EU’s WVTA and New Zealand’s RUB, the city bus works on the bus route between Papakura and Otahuhu from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm everyday. The endurance of the bus is over 400 km after being fully recharged, providing greener and more convenient transportation services for local residents.


Measuring 12-meter in length, Foton electric city bus has a lower floor access and a competitive passenger capacity. Fully considering the heights and builds of local residents, the bus can open its doors wider for easier boarding and disembarking. It is particularly friendly for the young and the elderly, providing more spacious room for passengers. Generating little noise and zero emissions, the bus had already been working smoothly in Auckland before its official operation.

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To fully ensure the smooth operation of Foton electric city bus, Foton has cooperated with local partner SINOLINK NZ LTD. to build  the after-sales service team in Auckland. The team has already held online and offline training sessions for driving and maintenance of the vehicle.

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Having been recognized a supplier of electric city buses in New Zealand, Foton is committed to helping the country upgrade its public transport network.



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