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Foton Delivers First Batch of Trunk Line Logistics Vehicles to BEST VN to Boost Vietnamese Logistics Development


In the beginning of May, the first batch of eight Foton (6×2R) trunk line logistics vehicles procured by BEST EXPRESS (Vietnam) Business Division were delivered and put into operation in succession.
In June, 2019, BEST established BEST Express (Vietnam) Business Division in Vietnam. Foton (Vietnam) Sales Company instantly followed up and, based on the years of operation experiences in Vietnamese market, offered suggestive opinions in terms of vehicle procurement plan, vehicle use scenario, product configuration, and transport solution to BEST Express (Vietnam). Through half-year in-depth communication, the first batch of specially customized 6×2 medium-duty trucks has been officially put into trunk line logistics transport.
This product, AUMAN EST-M which targeted especially at expressing, cold chain, as well as special vehicle operation scenarios. Accurately customized for high-value industries, the vehicle realized all-round lightweight, high-efficiency, and low TCO. The express industry mainly for handling of light loads pays attention to the product needs of high reliability, high efficiency, and large compartment space, for which the products of strong power, stringent production standard, and extremely large cargo compartment design can be offered to boost higher express transport efficiency. For the city-wide distribution scenario from tier-1 to tier-2 warehouses, with the transport distance at <100km, the products with 6.8m and 7.8m compartment lengths, which are powered by Cummins F series 3.8L-4.5L engines with maximum horsepower at >185ps, are offered. For the inter-city distribution scenario from tier-1 to tier-2 warehouses, with the transport distance at 100~300km, the products with 7.8~9.8m compartment and >210ps maximum horsepower are offered.
Following the delivery of vehicles, the subsequent service guarantee operations were initiated synchronously. At present, all provincial and municipal service stations through which the customer’s trunk line logistics vehicles are passing have been collected and the main attention will be paid to the in-station maintenances and repairs of the vehicles and the common wearing parts will be stored in the service stations to guarantee the normal operations of the customer.



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