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Foton AUMARK S Light Truck Officially Enters South Africa


On June 16, Foton officially revealed its AUMARK S light truck in Steye, Johannesburg, South Africa, marking a new milestone for Foton’s overseas expansion. At the launch ceremony, over 50 truck operators, truck dealers and journalists from many media outlets witnessed the historical moment.
To prepare for this launch ceremony, the first batch of AUMARK S light trucks had been delivered to their customers for trial operation in April this year. Speaking highly of the truck’s design and details, drivers were also impressed by the performance of AUMARK S light trucks.
In terms of dimensions, AUMARK S measures 2,060 mm in width. It also has a wheelbase that is 3,800 mm long. A ZF six-speed manual transmission gearbox will be offered as standard with a 3.8L Cummins engine (154 horsepower), WABCO braking system, ABS and CAN. Key features including superior fuel economy, high safety standards and impressive performances have allowed AUMARK S to maintain and consolidate its leading position in the global high-end light truck market.
When tested under the same payload conditions, AUMARK S light truck can cut its weight by up to 100 kg and thus cut its fuel consumption by 2% compared to its counterparts because of the improved front and rear axles, suspension system and the hollow structure I-beam. In addition, it generates less noise and fully meets the safety regulations in Europe.
In South Africa, Foton has a large warehouse for spare parts in Pietermaritzburg and 16 after-sales service centers across the country, fully ensuring the smooth operation of all Foton vehicles.
Foton Motor plans to begin assembly AUMARK S light trucks at Pietermaritzburg in future. To diversify its product portfolio, Foton is also expected to launch AUMARK S light trucks with payload capacity covering 3 tons, 5 tons and 8 tons, all of which are highly adaptable to the urban, suburban and intercity transportation market in South Africa.



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