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FOTON AUMAN Impressed the World with Powerful Backing for “Dual Olympic City”


On January 4, the Olympic flame, which symbolizes peace, light, unity and friendship, was lit in Beijing again, making it the first city in history to hold the Games in two seasons. As the world’s first “Dual Olympic Automobile Enterprise” to serve two Olympic Games in the same city, FOTON Motor deployed vehicles again to help out with the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.



]The 202 Beijing Winter Olympic Games are a major global sporting event that attracts huge worldwide interest, notably its mascot “BingDwenDwen”. On January 8, the sculpture of the Beijing 2022′s mascots “Bing Dwen Dwen”, an ice panda, carved by professional ice sculptors, arrived in Beijing after a 1300 km-long journey under the escort of AUMAN automatic refrigerated truck, and showcased in the race venue in Yanqing outside Beijing to dedicate to the ice and snow sports event.

To ensure the crystal clear texture, ice sculptors put a layer of icy shell outside the sculpture. This puts forward higher requirements for transport vehicle on adaptability to changing working conditions, damping capacity and temperature control. The all-round matching AUMAN automatic heavy-duty refrigerator truck was finally named as the transportation equipment by the carrier for the following reasons.

Thanks to its unique “Fulengxian” cold chain technology, AUMAN automatic refrigerated truck can control the accuracy of temperature within  ±1℃ with an integrated solution for the refrigerated body. More advanced airbag suspensions can effectively filter out the vibration through the “soft connection” between the chassis and the refrigerated body. The coasting in neutral and PCCpredictive driving functions based on super power chain can provide predictive information on road conditions. Advanced automatic transmission knows to shifts moothly when you are trying to accelerate/under cruise driving, to ensure that “Bing Dwen Dwen”can arrive at the destination in perfect condition.

AUMAN EST hazardous materials transport vehicles shuttle throughout the “Dual Olympic City”to offer strong backing for energy supply

If the transport of “Bing DwenDwen” is the “song of ice and snow” played by AUMAN for the Winter Olympic Games, then the AUMAN EST hazardous materials truck, which involved in fuel transportation during the Winter Olympic Games, is the”messenger of fire”, shuttling throughout the city to do well the safeguard work of fuel supply.

In the world’s attractive competition venue, National Stadium (also known as the Bird’s Nest), there are obviously also AUMAN hydrogen fuel transport trucks to ensure the smooth running of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.   As the vehicle participated in energy transportation service guarantee for Olympics, AUMAN EST hazardous materials transport vehicle is equipped with mature super power chain with a transmission efficiency of 99.7%, which deeply combines the unique advantages of ZF and Cummins.

In terms of emissions, a more advanced EGR system has been adopted on its engine. Besides that, DOC, DPF and electronic control system components are utilized on the exhaust gas after-treatment system for increasing exhaust temperature and promoting DPF regeneration, thus to cope with a more stringent emission regulation. In terms of safety, with a number of safety protection technologies developed based on artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other high-tech, AUMAN EST now features with lane departure warning system, Anti-collision system, tire explosion-proof, full tire pressure monitoring system, electronically controlled air suspension, EBS electric control system, tanker blind zone monitoring system and a series ofactive and passive automotive safety systems. All these items contribute to the improvement of its comprehensive safety and ensure that the concept of “Green Olympics”was fully implemented. As the “Dual Olympic Automobile Enterprise” in the “Dual Olympic City”, FOTON Motor has always adhered to the three guiding principles of “zero error, zero failure and zero risk” to contribute its own part to the Winter Olympics.

In the future, FOTON Motor will continue to hold the user-centered original faith, to create more value for users with innovative products and operation guarantee, and continue to lead the development of commercial vehicle industry in China.



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