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FOTON and INDOMOBIL signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop the electric commercial vehicle market in lndonesia and ASEAN



On 26th January, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between FOTON Motor and INDOMOBIL was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Fu Jun, President of FOTON INTERNATIONAL, Wu Zongtian, Vice President of FOTON INTERNATIONAL, Jusak Kertowidjojo , President of INDOMOBIL Group, Andrew Nasuri , Director of Business Development of INDOMOBIL Group. The signing is the official landing of the cooperation project between FOTON and INDOMOBIL after they reached a strategic cooperation intention in July 2023, which is another major step in FOTON’s globalised industrial layout.

After this strategic co-operation, INDOMOBIL’s first step will be to act as FOTON’s Indonesian distributor and manufacturer, assembling FOTON’s electric vehicles and selling FOTON’s full range of commercial vehicle products in Indonesia. In the second step, both parties will set up a joint venture manufacturing company and sales company as soon as possible to deepen the territorial operation, on the one hand, to increase the rate of territorialisation and build FOTON electric vehicle manufacturing base and cover the whole ASEAN region; on the other hand, to accelerate the construction of a complete industrial ecology from production, sales, service, finance to after-market, to provide Indonesian customers with high-quality commercial vehicles and excellent service, and to assist the development of Indonesia’s economy. This will be an important opportunity for FOTON to develop the Indonesian market, and will certainly accelerate the industrialisation process of FOTON in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country and the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and its economy is in a stage of rapid development, with huge growth potential in the commercial vehicle market. Indonesia also has the world’s largest nickel resources. Meanwhile, in order to achieve the goal of 31.89% carbon emission reduction by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, the Indonesian government has prioritised the development of electric vehicles as a national strategy, and has introduced a series of policies and supporting measures to encourage the development of electric vehicles, which creates favourable conditions for FOTON to explore the local market. INDOMOBIL is one of the largest automobile groups in Indonesia, with a complete commercial vehicle operation system including automobile manufacturing, sales, service, finance, leasing, logistics and parts. This strategic cooperation, with the complementary advantages of both parties, will provide strong support for the sustainable development of commercial vehicles and low carbon in Indonesia.

FOTON is the most complete and largest commercial vehicle enterprise in China. Through the horizontal integration of strategic cooperation with world-renowned enterprises Daimler, Cummins and ZF, FOTON has completed the layout of the whole series of core components for commercial vehicles. Meanwhile, FOTON actively responds to the global trend of green and low-carbon development, takes the new energy strategy as the first strategy for the development of the company, adheres to the “three lines” of pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell, and masters the five core technologies of vehicle integration, electric drive, electronic control, power battery, and hydrogen fuel cell, and through the continuous iteration of lightweight, intelligent and big data technologies, FOTON has achieved both technological and market leadership. At present, FOTON’s overseas new energy products have covered 45 countries and regions around the world, such as Europe and Japan, and have achieved remarkable results in markets such as Chile, Thailand, Singapore and Australia.

In the future, FOTON will leverage its strengths in commercial vehicle R&D and manufacturing, especially in new energy products and technologies, and will join hands with INDOMOBIL in a win-win situation to develop the Indonesian commercial vehicle market, help Indonesia’s automotive industry to transform and upgrade to new energy sources, and provide Indonesian consumers with a more localised and humanised green mobility service, so as to make positive contributions to the development of Indonesia’s economy and society.



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