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FOTON 500+ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Served Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games


During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, more than 1,300Foton buses escorted the Winter Olympics 2022, including 500+ hydrogen fuel buses which became the largest hydrogen bus fleet serving for Olympics. It makes a record of the largest hydrogen bus fleet serving for Olympics.


Compared with fossil fuel powered bus, the hydrogen fuel cell bus is able to avoid emitting about 57 kg carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for every 100 km. In addition, it is highly reliable and can drive long distances continuously. It can get a hydrogen refill in just a few minutes.  Foton hydrogen bus can operate better at extreme temperatures. In January 2020, FOTON overcame problems of cold start and high heating energy consumption in the environment of more than -40 degree at Hailar, Mongolia China. It has sucessfully completed China’s first 70 Mpa hydrogen fuel cell bus crash test. The vehicle energy consumption can reduce by 7.6% and offer 800 km of range.


It is appreciated that a letter sent from Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committe, which said, “On behalf of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee we would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided us during the 24th Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. All our requests have been met with great standard. You are always on time and you have taken us where our delegation members need to go. You have been very kind and helpful to us and you greet us with a smile every day. Thank you for a lovely and pleasant stay and for making these Games so memorable.”








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