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FOTON 100% Commercial EV Trucks launched in Thailand


THAILAND, November 19, 2021/

On November 18, FOTON Launched 5 100% commercial electric vehicles in Thailand on the second anniversary of CP FOTON, a joint venture set up by Thailand Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group and China FOTON Motor Group. This indicates that FOTON Motor has officially entered into the Thailand commercial Electric vehicle market in collaboration with Thailand Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group. Afterwards, CP FOTON will offer electric commercial vehicle solutions to upgrade its traditional means of transport, speeding up the realization of a low-carbon society in Thailand.


At the launch ceremony, CP FOTON reported stronger-than-expected Q1-Q3 sales performance, with the sales of over 300 units and a year-on-year increase of 200%. “I think this is a very important milestone to drive innovation in the country’s economy and will grow our transport operators, vehicle owners and business partners as well. “ said Nopadol Chiaravanont, vice chairman of Industrial Business Group at Charoen Pokphand Group(CP Group).


Over the past two years, CP FOTON has been committed to developing every segment, delivering a secured product supply and more extensive customer services by setting up a distribution network involving 20 dealers. With a 10 million-unit global sales and customers’ trust, FOTON Motor have received positive response from the market in Thailand, commented Kritsana Settharangkun, managing director at CP FOTON.


CP FOTON launched 5 100% commercial electric vehicles to the Thailand market. The vehicles are specifically designed based on the applications in urban logistics, terminal delivery, port transportation and mining haulage, to further develop an entire electric product portfolio. As described in the theme of the ceremony “EVlution Go Beyond 2022″, CP FOTON will take 100% electric as its core technology and offer more sustainable solutions to the trucking industry in Thailand.

Over many years, FOTON has been focusing on the market demand for product and service in an effort to provide prominent products. As one of the first new energy vehicle manufacturers in China, FOTON’s new energy sector has now had 8 core R&D capacities to develop powertrain integration, simulation analysis on vehicle performance, batteries, motor control, and vehicle control software and much more.


FOTON vehicles are on a par with its rivals and are gaining greater favor from consumers. In the coming three years, CP FOTON’s goal is to move up to the third place in Thailand commercial vehicle market and become the first choice of customers by expanding offerings to customers. This introduction of the electric products to the Thailand market is also an important measure required to further expand the global market, commented Kritsana Settharangkun, managing director at CP FOTON.

FOTON’s operation strategy in the Asian area will focus on Thailand. With the CP FOTON regional operation base setting up, FOTON Motor looks to expand its business in new energy vehicle based on its traditional operation there. The strategy will also contribute to the achievement of zero-carbon society in Thailand and speed up the local economy in a cleaner manner.



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