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Delivering the Trust: Flashing the Philipino Express



On November 10, FLASH EXPRESS, another leading logistics, courier company in Southeast Asia, also strengthened its presence in the Philippines by purchasing 20 FOTON light trucks. This is the second delivery of FOTON trucks to FLASH EXPRESS this year, following the delivery of 15 AUMARK S in May. FLASH EXPRESS thus becomes a major customer of FOTON following international logistics couriers such as Lazada, J&T Express and GoGo Xpress.


FLASH EXPRESS is a leading e-commerce logistics services company based in Thailand and starts expanding to the Philippines in 2022. For logistics companies, they are more concerned with the efficiency and high attendance of the vehicles. AUMARK S comes standard with Cummins+ZF super powertrain, which was the customer’s first choice. The customer purchased another 20 following the first 15 units on a trial basis. The fact just shows that FOTON light truck products, represented by the best-selling Foton six-wheel light trucks, are exactly what the logistics industry needs.

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At the delivery ceremony, the customer expressed his satisfaction with FOTON’s vehicles and after-sales service and hoped that the use of these vehicles would improve logistics efficiency and help enhance the brand influence.

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FOTON has been expanding the business over the years since it entered the Philippine market and now has established a complete marketing and service network as well as parts centers. In the future, FOTON will launch more new products like MILER to meet the needs of different segments and to create the industry benchmark and empower the express delivery industry in the Philippines.



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