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Chile’s First FOTON AUV COVID-19 “Mobile Lab” Online for Operation


On May 28, Foton AUV battery electric “Mobile Lab” vehicle, the Chile’s first COVID-19 mobile “Sampling + inspection” vehicle, was officially put into operation in Santiago, Chile. The vehicle will be firstly used in the weakly protected urban areas for local COVID-19 virus detection, including La Pintana and Puente Alto, Santiago.




“Mobile Laboratory”
“Mobile Laboratory” includes mobile seat area for 4 health workers, restricted contact medical compartment, office area, 2 sample collection boxes and storage area, disinfection area, and wireless network and meanwhile is equipped with protective equipment, including one-off gloves, operation mask, protective cloths, and protective goggles to protect the medical personnel against infection to the maximum degree on the basis of fulfilling daily 40-60 sampling and inspection cases.





FOTON officially launched the AUV bus business in Chile market in 2019 and this “Mobile Lab” battery electric bus is one of the first batch released vehicles. Since this February, under the background of continuous spreading pandemic in Chile, the refitting of the first “Mobile Lab” was started in this February through the joint cooperation of Foton, local dealer, and local strategic partner.

Meanwhile, FOTON AUV battery electric bus also realized breakthrough progress in Chile. In this April, 215 FOTON AUV new-energy buses were shipped to Chile to initiate the all-round operation of new energy vehicle in Chile Market. This large new-energy bus order in Chile market enabled Foton to become the market share leader in Chile new-energy bus market.


In addition to Chile, Foton will be devoted to offering green, safe, intelligent, and efficient integrated solutions, driving the global green energy development, and continuously innovating the technologies and leading the future of green transport.



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