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BAIC Foton Outputs “Created in China” Model Strength to Global Anti-Pandemic Campaign with Innovative Technologies


The COVID-19 epidemic, which has been effectively controlled in China, is still overwhelming the world. As of June 8, the accumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 patients has exceeded 6,790,000 cases and the accumulative number of COVID-19 deaths has exceeded 397,000 cases worldwide. In the global anxious anti-pandemic moment, China is aiding the world in diversified ways and the “Made in China” plays an irreplaceable role.
As a “Created in China” namecard in global commercial vehicle industry, BAIC Foton partnered with BAIC to donate professional rescue equipment, including negative pressure ambulance and transfer ambulance, to the world for the emergency medical transfer and rescue of patients worldwide and input China’s strength to the global anti-pandemic campaign.
Negative Pressure Ambulances for Aiding the World
This donation launched jointly by BAIC Foton and BAIC mainly donated 7 professional rescue equipment to Ecuador, Egypt, Burma, and Pakistan and the negative pressure ambulance delivery ceremony will be held in Ecuador on June 9.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, BAIC Foton has received in succession the ambulance orders from various countries, including Philippines, Ecuador, Mexico, Uzbekistan, and Burma. At present, 6 negative pressure ambulances have been delivered to Philippine Red Cross for direct local pandemic rescue to help transport the patients from their homes to designated COVID-19 medical establishments. These ambulances have become the first batch of negative pressure ambulances in true sense in Philippines and BAIC Foton has become the China’s first negative pressure ambulance export enterprise.


In the early development of global epidemic, BAIC Foton appeared frequently in the anti-pandemic frontline and donated more than 100,000 pieces of anti-pandemic supplies to 31 countries and regions, including Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Nigeria, and Philippines. In Kuwait, as a voluntary organization of Kuwait Ministry of Health, BAIC Foton partnered with Kuwait dealer partner MASAHA HEAVY EQUIPMENT to voluntarily provide 50 AUMAN tanker trucks for national road cleaning and disinfection. In Gambia, Foton donated 2 Foton ambulances, via Chinese Embassy in Gambia, to Gambia Ministry of Health, which were used for Banjul and Kanifing Hospitals in Banjul to solve the rescue operation difficulties in remote communities and promote the local health cause development.


In the hard global anti-pandemic time, BAIC Foton demonstrated the spirit of “Sharing weal and woe”, took proactive measures, and boosted the smooth implementation of global anti-pandemic with practical actions worldwide.
Memorizing the Origin and Exploring Overseas Market
Besides the forging of globalized cooperation model in the commercial vehicle industry, BAIC Foton successfully built the globalized cooperation results, including “Super Power Chain”, and established industry chain advantages in the fields of new energy technology, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent driving to guide all-new direction for industry’s technologic innovations and boost the entry of China’s commercial vehicle industry into new customized intelligent-manufacturing era.
BAIC Foton’s heartfelt action in aiding the world’s anti-pandemic campaign not only sufficiently proved its craftsmanship quality of leading the industry trend and being comparable with international counterparts, but also deeply manifested the general vision and humanistic sentiment of “World-Relieving” of a world-class Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer. In the global anti-pandemic frontline, Foton fulfilled the enterprise mission, manifested the China’s elegant demeanor, and won great respect and trust in the world with “Created in China” technologic innovation strength.



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