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AUMAN”Powerful Disinfection Tool” Assists Anti-Pandemic Disinfection in Mexico


On June 10, the Mexican Contra Replica TV station reported one disinfection vehicle for disinfection operations near the Presidential Palace Square. This is AUMAN EST-M mist cannon disinfection truck, the “Powerful Disinfection Tool” refitted by FOTON in response to the public anti-pandemic campaign of Mexican government, and is intended to safely and effective prevent the spreading and diffusion of COVID-19 virus. At present, one truck has completed refitting and has been delivered for trial use.

Assembled with latest technologies, AUMAN EST-M can mix the water and disinfector depending on the specific disinfection area, with the maximum water capacity up to 9,900L. This disinfection truck can spray 1,000L liquid per 100m and disinfect 20km distance per hour. It can control the spray angle and height, with the maximum height up to 30m.Upon the outbreak of the epidemic, Foton always offers “Anti-pandemic equipment” of high “Made in China” quality to various countries worldwide. Afterwards, 6 AUMAN “Powerful Disinfection Tool” trucks will be used in the Mexican streets to make contribution to local anti-pandemic disinfection.



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